Product and Shopping FAQ's

As stated on our About Us page, we are pleased to be almost entirely organic!  We have a line of completely organic products, and they are designated as such.  All our products are vegan, natural, gluten free, sulfate free, paraben free, phthalate free, nut free, and cruelty free, sustainably sourced and eco-friendly.

Can you teach me how to make bath and body products?

As a matter of fact, we do have a YouTube channel where we have begun sharing knowledge on product creation and other fun things.  Look us up there as The Blue Rose Bath and Body!

I see two (bars of soap, jars of body butter, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, etc) in your products picture. Does that mean I'll receive two if I order that item?

No.  The two bars of soap (or other products pictured in multiples) make a pleasing picture and allow you to view the product you're shopping for from various angles, but when you order it, you will receive only 1 of that products, unless you increase the quantity and opt to purchase more than one.

Do you take wholesale orders?

We are open to this! Feel free to contact us at

How will I know if I've picked an item from your organic line?

It will be designated as such in the product description.

Some of your soaps are too large for my hands. What should I do?

We recommend that you cut the bar down the middle and use only one half at a time.  It will also last longer that way too!