Shipping, Returns, and Refunds FAQ's

I thought I was ordering two bars of soap since two were in the picture, but I only received one.

As stated on our Products and Shopping FAQ, our product listing for our soap contains a product picture of two bars so that you have the benefit of seeing the handmade products from multiple angles.  Since no two bars are the same, we like to highlight this by allowing you to view more than one.  If you wish to order two soaps, you would need to select the item quantity before adding to your cart.

You're sold out of the item I wanted!

Oh no! But never fear.  Because we handcraft smaller quantity batches of each product at a time than you would find from a large factory manufacturer, we have a limited supply. If the item was from a monthly collection or otherwise marked as special edition, unfortunately, once sold out, we won't produce more. However, if the item was from one of our regular product lines it will be replenished each month!  So check back! 

I had an item in my cart but it disappeared when I went to pay.

We apologize if that happened to you.  Since there is a limited supply, if multiple people have the same item in their carts and someone checks out with the last of that item before you do, it's first come, first served, and they will receive the item. It will then be considered sold out to anyone else who may have the item in their cart.  The website will automatically remove the item if it's sold out.  But check back once we have restocked on a regular line item!

Why didn't I receive my items within 2 days when I selected 2-day shipping?

We require 1-4 business days to process, up to 7 business days during holiday times like Valentines, Halloween, Christmas, etc.  Then once the package is in USPS Priority Mail hands, it takes them 1-3 days shipping.

If it is delayed beyond that or the package is otherwise lost by the carrier, it will be necessary to contact them.  Once it leaves us, it is their responsibility to ensure it is sent to you appropriately.  Plus, they will have your tracking information to help track it down.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do!  Anywhere that USPS or Fedex ships.  Thank you so much for finding us in this great big world!  If you're looking for a shipping estimate, put a fake order together and continue to the checkout point where it allows you to put in shipping information (which comes before the "pay" option.)  But do be advised that you'll need to also check to make sure of customs charges to your country, because some do require additional fees and you wouldn't want to be surprised by that, or lose your package because your local postal service had to keep it too long as unclaimed.

Can you offer discounted shipping?

Beginning on Black Friday (2022), we began offering free shipping to all United States customers with an order of $50.00 and above.  For all other orders, be assured, we have done our due diligence to ensure that we offer the cheapest rates we could find.

I accidentally entered the wrong shipping address!

We might be able to help as long as we have not yet shipped your order.  Use our Contact Us page to send us an email.  Put in your order # and all other details, including where the parcel should have gone, and we will fix it.  If the purchase has already shipped, we are so sorry but you would have to reorder.  But there is a fail-safe!  Rather than checking out as a guest, create an account so that the website will have your correct address for this and future orders. It's completely free to have an account and it does not obligate you in any way.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the personal nature of bath and body products, and the possibility of contamination, we do not accept returns unless the product packaging is still in tact and remains completely unopened. Otherwise, we can not accept a return, unfortunately.  However, we would be happy to discuss how to rectify any issues if you are dissatisfied with your products. Contact us at: and we are pleased to discuss it with you.

Do you offer refunds?

We will be happy to refund or exchange your product if you contact us at with an explanation of your issue.  We also are happy to offer a store credit.